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The revolution begins with the consciousness.  The imagery in this design describes the path to becoming a warrior scholar in 4 stages/360 degrees.  

  1. The telescope represents observation (internal and external); the collection of knowledge through experience and study.  It points to the left (from the perspective of the person wearing the shirt), which means East, towards the rising sun.  The properly oriented image of the globe (south up) at the end of the telescope represents a shift from a European worldview/perspective to an African-centered one.  Most people never make it past this initial stage, which is how you can keep large groups of people unconscious and voluntarily enslaved.
  2. The pen represents the transmission and sharing of knowledge once mastered to bring light (enlightenment) to the darkness (ignorance) surrounding the masses.
  3. The spear is a short to mid-range weapon and represents the defense of knowledge/culture/freedom and those that seek to promote it from those that seek to destroy it or keep it for themselves to use as a tool to manipulate the ignorant masses.  If faces to the right/West (from the perspective of the person wearing the shirt) along with pen, which both work together to face the darkness.
  4. The gun is a long-range weapon and represents the point where the revolution begins.  Everything before this point was just preparation.  Once the warrior scholars have built a base and a sufficient organized following then they can switch from defense to more aggressive tactics and confront any oppressive power structure either overtly, covertly, or both.  If you try to confront the enemy before this stage, you will be crushed.

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