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Book Club Subscription

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We've created a list of books over the years specifically related to Black Empowerment.  We've promoted these books over the years for people to purchase wherever they can get them, but we need something more.  We need a community of people reading, discussing, and collaborating on projects inspired by these books that solve problems in our communities at home and abroad.  Thus, the DNBE Book Club for Warrior Scholars was born.  

How it works

You pay a monthly subscription fee ($29.95) and get a new book every month, 10% discount on everything else on the DNBE website, a free Members Only shirt (choose your size and color below), and access to our online discussion community (to be launched once we've reach at least 30 members).


The purpose of an Afrikan-centered education is to undo the brainwashing and damage perpetrated on Afrikan minds by this eurocentric society. Until you are able to counteract the effects of racism/white supremacy on your mind, you will probably do more harm than good when trying to help Black people, no matter how well-meaning you are. Ignorance is death for an oppressed group of people.

REAL Education

Problem solving begins with analysis and understanding. We can't solve the many problems plaguing the Black community without first understanding them. We need to know where we've been and where we are in order to move forward. The function of education is not to get jobs, it is to promote the interests of a society/culture and protect those interests in order to secure their survival and advancement.