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Causes -

The problem with Western/Euro-centric capitalism is not that capitalism is inherently evil like so many revolutionaries seem to think.  You've got to be able to differentiate between the man and the weapon.  The problem is the short-sighted profit motive as a singular focus and the dehumanization/depersonalization of corporations.  We seem to forget that companies don't run themselves...people do.  And people can be weak and vulnerable.  Capitalism itself is not the problem...the rugged individualistic mentality of Europeans and how they use the tool of capitalism is the problem.  Therefore, you do not fight corporations.  You fight individuals. So this is my...

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Commentary -

Dear Mr. Perry, I recently saw the news headline about you being the highest paid person in Hollywood this year.  This news does not surprise me one bit.  I've long known the power of catering to the Black consumer well.  We spend almost $1 trillion a year.  I don't understand why companies aren't doing a better job of targeting us, but I'm glad they aren't because that creates opportunities for Black-owned companies (like yours) to step up and serve Black consumers better than non-Black-owned companies. You have found a formula that people seem to enjoy.  I'm sure you're well aware...

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Commentary, Featured, Politics -

by Demetrius D. Walker Get out of Libya.  C’mon son… Going to Libya was a George Bush move.  We’re supposedly over there to protect their citizens from the big, bad, boogeyman that is Qaddafi (Gadhafi, Khaddafi, etc. depending on the media’s mood today).  Before Barack and the Frenchies started dropping million dollar bombs, Libyans enjoyed a pretty damn high standard of living. I mean free education, housing, healthcare, access to clean drinking water, a 78% literacy rate, and life expectancy of 70.2 years doesn’t sound too bad.  On the real, it sounds a lot better than Harlem, Compton, and Houston’s...

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Politics -

World African Diaspora Union Leaders Urged Stop Africa from Dying, Race War in Africa… IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Date: 7/25/2011 Contact:  404-527-7756/718-523-3312/WADUPAM.ORG ATLANTA, GA. July 25, 2011 – “Africa is dying” warned the former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark as he condemns the attack on Libya as illegal and racist and called for the intensification of actions to protect Africa. The chilling but pointed messages and reports on Africa from prominent leaders were focused on critical issues such as the ongoing war in Libya, the “new scramble for the re-colonization of Africa” and the dwindling and endangerment of Black freedom and rights...

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Hey you with that BBQ in your hands...what are you doing?  Have you lost your natural mind...yes, yes you have.  I'm about to say some un-American sh*t so get ready.  When I'm done you can tell me to go back to Africa if I don't like it here, and I will reply, "First, I'm planning on it.  Second, unless you're Native American, go the **** back to where you came from too." Most non-white people don't celebrate white holidays the same as white people (and the 4th of July is definitely a white holiday since everyone else living in America...

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