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In the streetwear game there are plenty of hot lines with great designers, but very few of them are actually saying anything.  If you think about it, your t-shirt is like a billboard, and every day you're walking around advertising something (or maybe nothing if it's a blank tee or a meaningless design) .   That advertisement says something about the person wearing it and has an effect (conscious or subconscious) on the people around him/her.  Why waste that valuable advertising space?  Why not use it to uplift the people?  In a world dominated by ignorance and negative messages/ideas, it's refreshing to see someone using that "billboard" space to advertise something positive.  For that brief moment you know that there are other people out there that have not lost their minds.  And that positive energy is infectious and magnetic.  With enough people catching on, we can start to turn this situation around.  That's positive propaganda, and that's why we're here... 

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